Leveling up in Python - 0

Gurudev Ilangovan

April 10, 2020

“Series Intro”….

I started getting into a python seriously about a year ago. I tried learning the language a couple of times before that - I watched a lot of introductory tutorials in the hope of getting good at it. There was one really good one - Corey Schafer’s Python tutorials on YouTube. Barring that, most of the tutorials were basic and went over the same things over and over again - variables, conditionals, loops, functions, etc. I found it hard to get past that plateau. A year of coding in python and now, I am comfortable with the language. I still don’t consider myself an expert and want to go beyond the basics or “level up” if you will.

Level up posts

As I learn new concepts, I wanted to document them here for my own reference later and for people who are also looking to level up. I plan to update this post with new content I write. Some concepts I plan on writing about (as I learn): Generators, Decorators, Context Managers, Iterators & Itertools, Logging, Exception Handling, Best Practices, Multiple Inheritance & Minxins, Metaclasses, ABC classes, Callbacks.

  1. Whirlwind Tour of Classes - I

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